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Young Sheldon Foreshadows Sheldon & Amy’s Relationship In Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s random thought in Young Sheldon season 4 subtly foreshadows the introduction of Amy in The Big Bang Theory and their life together.

Young Sheldon hints at Sheldon’s eventual relationship with Amy in The Big Bang Theory. Dating didn’t come easy for the socially inept genius of the Pasadena gang, especially since he didn’t have any intentions of being romantically linked with anyone. Somehow, however, The Big Bang Theory found a way to give him a love interest in Amy, who was introduced in season 3 and became a series regular from season 4 until the end of its run in 2019. While the parent series has been done for a while now, Young Sheldon is still able to build on its story in subtle ways.

While the spin-off takes place almost two decades before The Big Bang Theory, it’s able to acknowledge the events of the original show thanks to its narration from adult Sheldon. At the beginning of season 4, Amy even made a voice cameo when it was revealed that the pair has a son named Leonard — the first update about their relationship since they won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on Super Asymmetry. But aside from more straightforward references, Young Sheldon, on rare occasions, foreshadows Sheldon’s future which has already played out in the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

During the Young Sheldon season 4 penultimate episode titled “A Black Hole,”, a line that sounded like a throwaway comment Sheldon made could actually be a reference to his eventual relationship with Amy. Dr. Sturgis returned to Medford after he was fired from his job at the SuperCollider in Waxahachie, Texas, and was invited to the Cooper household for dinner. With both him and Sheldon at the dining table, the conversation turned into the existence of black holes and alternate realities. This got the young genius into wishfully thinking that if there was two of him, he’d be unstoppable. This cleverly foreshadows how successful and happy his personal and professional life has been since he met Amy, who was basically the female version of Sheldon when she was introduced in The Big Bang Theory.

Unlike Penny and Bernie whom Leonard and Howard met organically, Amy’s arrival in Sheldon’s life came through his friends’ meddling. In The Big Bang Theory season 3, Howard and Raj used a dating site that used a scientific method to find someone their best mate resulting in a blind date between Amy and Sheldon. Both were initially reluctant at first, but over time, developed and accepted a romantic attraction between them. During a rough patch in season 7, a fortune-teller told Sheldon that for both his personal and professional life to flourish, he needed to fully commit himself to his girlfriend, which interestingly came to fruition. Teaming up with her for Super Asymmetry resulted in him accomplishing his life-long dream to win the Nobel Prize in Physics meanwhile, he also remains to be happy with his marriage as confirmed in Young Sheldon season 4 premiere.

Admittedly, the spin-off is not known for preserving established continuity from The Big Bang Theory. At this point, it remains to be seen how Young Sheldon will address George Sr’s infidelity storyline leading to his death. But this proves that it can both honor and build on what the original sitcom did. Doing this will only be advantageous for the prequel as this endears itself to the massive fanbase that its parent show left when it wrapped up.

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