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7 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes Where Meredith Almost Died

Meredith is an esteemed doctor who has saved many people, but the Grey’s Anatomy protagonist has had several brushes with death in the medical drama.

As the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy, it makes sense that Meredith Grey would be one of the strongest characters. By the time she begins her journey toward becoming a doctor, she has suffered many tragedies, including seeing her mother’s suicide attempt.

Shows created, produced, and written by Shonda Rhimes are known for dramatic storylines and wild season finales, and Grey’s Anatomy is no different. In almost every season, something scary happens to Meredith, and she has had many near death experiences that are very unnerving to think about. She’s a brave protagonist and a true survivor, many times over.

No Time For Despair: S17, E6

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has shown what it’s like for doctors to work in the COVID-19 pandemic. The characters wear masks and are trying to save their patients from this horrible virus.

In a heartbreaking storyline, Meredith gets sick, and in this episode, her status becomes especially dire and she is put on a ventilator. She is close to death and that’s why she keeps picturing herself on a beach, seeing all of her favorite people, from Derek to George. In a later episode, Meredith sees Lexie and Mark, which is especially emotional for fans since they died together after the horrible plane crash at the end of season 8. It has been tough watching Meredith fight for her life.

Perfect Storm: S9, E24

Meredith has grown up on Grey’s Anatomy and become a mother, too. In this season 9 episode, she gives birth to her baby, but she almost dies because she had fallen and hurt her spleen. This is an emotional rollercoaster of an episode as often happens on this popular hospital drama. Just when it seems like the beloved character is out of harm’s way, something happens to send them close to death once again.

The episode is called “Perfect Storm” because Meredith explains in her infamous voiceover, “Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Surgeons have a name for it. We call it a ‘perfect storm.’ Funny. Never thought it would happen to me.”

Flight: S8, E24

Mark and Lexie die after the season 8 finale plane crash and it’s awful to remember how in love they were and how close they came to making things work.

Meredith could have died after this traumatic incident, too, making this another episode when she almost lost her life. She stands out here because she doesn’t seem that badly hurt, but everyone around her is doing horribly, from Derek waking up in the forest having been thrown from the plane to Arizona’s femur fracture. Meredith has to say goodbye to her sister, Lexie, as part of the plane is on top of her and there’s no way to get her out or help her survive. While Meredith survives this tragedy, it’s definitely a terrible situation to endure and it affects her for a long time afterward.

Drowning On Dry Land: S3, E16

When fans of Grey’s Anatomy think about Meredith Grey, they often remember the disturbing episode in which she almost drowns.

At the end of the 15th episode of season 3, “Walk on Water,” Meredith falls into Elliot Bay, and at the beginning of episode 16, she’s drowning. This is one of Meredith’s most horrifying near-death experiences as she can see herself dying and she even hears her mom talking to her while in this state.

Death And All His Friends: S6, E24

Grey’s Anatomy has some heartwarming and sweet episodes, from storylines about weddings to the musical episode in season 7.

Two of the most important people in Meredith’s life are at death’s door in this season 6 episode: Cristina and Derek. Gary Clark is devastated that his wife died at the hospital and he’s out for revenge. He kills Charles, and Meredith says that he should kill her because if he wants to hurt Derek, she’s his wife and also Lexie’s sister. Cristina saves her life by saying that Meredith is expecting a baby so he shouldn’t shoot her. This is such a tense and action-packed episode and it’s another time when Meredith is very close to dying.

It’s The End Of The World: S2, E16

There are many heartbreaking Grey’s Anatomy episodes and fans all remember the season 2 episode when a patient comes into the hospital with a bomb in their chest. This is also the episode when Kyle Chandler guest stars as Dylan Young, a member of the bomb squad. Of all the medical cases that have appeared on the show, this is one of the wildest.

This is a terrifying episode to watch, as Meredith actually reaches her hand inside the patient’s chest, where the bomb is. She survives, but it’s still amazing that she was able to get away as she seemed so trapped. Fans were on the edge of their seats watching this episode.

The Sound Of Silence: S12, E9

Richard makes many mistakes but he’s an important part of the hospital, a mentor, and a parental figure of sorts to Meredith.

In this season 12 episode, the two characters share a moment outside after a patient attacks Meredith. After Lou has surgery, he experiences hyper aggression that can occur afterward, and he almost kills Meredith. This is one of the most terrifying and disturbing things to happen to Meredith, and it really changes her. She had survived death so many times and since she was so comfortable going after her dreams at the hospital, it was hard for her to imagine that a patient could almost end her life.

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