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Teen Wolf: 5 Reasons Scott Was The Best Leader (& 5 Reasons Why It Was Stiles)

Over its six seasons, Teen Wolf fans witnessed the growth of Scott McCall. Before he was bitten, Scott was an immature and reckless teenager. His main concerns were lacrosse and how to increase his popularity. However, time allowed the viewers to see him grow into a strong and compassionate Alpha.

But it’s not just Scott who underwent huge character development. The viewers also saw his best friend Stiles Stilinski transform from a lovable, bumbling fool to a confident and brave man. Both characters proved themselves to be integral members and leaders of the pack. But if fans had to choose, which one would they prefer to have as their Alpha?

Scott: His Altruistic & Selfless Heart

One aspect that fans admired about Scott was his selfless and altruistic heart. From the very beginning, it was clear that Scott would do whatever he could to keep his loved ones safe — even if it cost him what he wanted most. When Victoria tortured him, Scott had no intention of telling Allison because he didn’t want to tarnish her memories of her.

When Stiles was taken by the Ghost Riders, Scott risked his life trying to get him back from the other plain. Scott insisted the Calavera family torture him instead of Lydia. He always put others’ needs ahead of his own.

Stiles: His Intelligence

It’s safe to say that the pack wouldn’t have had much success if it wasn’t for Stiles and his drawing board. Without Stiles’ guidance, Scott wouldn’t have become the Alpha he was at the end either. It was Stiles who helped Scott realize he needed an anchor to control his emotions and coached him through his first full-moon.

Stiles was also the one who identified the Alpha and the Chemist, as well as the Nogitsune’s weaknesses. It was pretty clear that the FBI intern was the brains behind the operation.

Scott: His Quick Thinking

Another trait of Scott’s that made him a great leader was his ability to think on his feet. Scott may not have been as intelligent as Lydia and Stiles, but he was a very fast learner and could recognize and use his enemies’ weaknesses against them as a weapon.

After realizing Gerard was suffering from cancer and wanted Derek’s bite, Scott emptied his pills and filled them with mountain ash. When the Anuk-Ite began attacking the pack, Scott managed to distract it long enough for Stiles to get the mountain ash. It’s because of Scott’s quick-thinking that most of them are still alive.

Stiles: His Ability To Improvise

It’s not just Scott who can think on his feet; Stiles was also seen to have great improvisation skills. If fans look back over the seasons, Stiles has gotten the pack out of a few sticky situations because of his ability to spin a yarn.

He prevented Peter from attacking Melissa by rear-ending their car, and he threw Papa McCall off the scent when he told him young Derek was his cousin. Stiles also covered for the pack when he told Sheriff Stilinski they were camping when they were actually going to Mexico. Stiles’ ability to cover for his friends earns a few loyalty points.

Scott: His Sense Of Morality

Throughout six seasons, many characters showed Scott great respect for standing by his moral code. There’s a reason why Scott was a rare Alpha — where Peter and Derek earned the title by stealing or killing someone, Scott attained it through honor and virtue. He would look at every solution before he shed an ounce of blood.

As a result, his moral code earned the respect of his peers and made them want to be better, including former antagonists Derek, Ethan, Aiden, and Theo. The fact that Scott inspired people shows that he is a natural leader.

Stiles: His Gut Instincts

One of the more underrated aspects of Stiles’ personality that doesn’t get the credit it deserves is his intuition. If fans take a look at Stiles’ journey, they will notice that his gut instincts are often correct — especially his character judgments.

Despite Lydia giving most of the school the cold shoulder for years, Stiles insisted that everyone give her a second chance and made sure they knew how intelligent she was. When Theo tried to join Scott’s pack, it was obvious that Stiles didn’t trust him. A strong leader should have good character judgment as any errors could jeopardize the health of the other pack members.

Scott: His Determination

Another aspect of Scott’s personality that has earned him the respect of his pack is his determination. As many fans know, Scott is a sedulous person. Whenever his enemies get the upper hand or his pack suffers a defeat, Scott always picks himself up and carries on fighting.

When he proves not all is lost and they have something to fight for, Scott ends up motivating his pack to continue on as well. The fact that his determination also earned the respect of Peter, Deucalion, and Derek proves why he is a worthy Alpha.

Stiles: Connections To The Police

Stiles’ connections to the police have benefited the pack on numerous occasions. For instance, Stiles has managed to search crime scenes before the police because he has a police radio in his Jeep that picks up their calls.

With his father unknowingly investigating supernatural cases, Stiles manages to attain insider information that helps the pack with their mission. He also has a master key to the school, animal clinic, and the sheriff’s station — probably attained through his father. His connections have saved them a few times.

Scott: Mentoring Abilities

As soon as Scott attained his Alpha status in season 3, it became clear that he would eventually become a role model for his friends. Although he wasn’t the most experienced Alpha, he proved to be a great teacher as his kind and patient nature allowed his betas to excel.

He taught Malia how to control her powers, spent several months mentoring Liam, and added a few new members to his pack. Even Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac abandoned their original packs to join Scott’s.

Stiles: Protective Of The Pack

Although he wasn’t an Alpha, Stiles proved he was just as much of a capable leader as Scott when he put his life on the line to protect the pack. Remember when he made a deal with Peter to find Derek in exchange for Lydia’s life? Or when he was willing to sacrifice himself to the Nogitsune to stop the attack on his friends?

He also confronted the Chemist after his virus made the pack severely sick and left his internship to help defend the pack from the hunters. The fact that he wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life to save his friends proves he is a worthy leader.

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