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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Most Powerful Opponents Klaus Faced

Klaus Mikaelson was one of the most dangerous villains in Vampire Diaries history, but which characters actually posed a threat to him?

According to Klaus Mikaelson, he’s the most powerful creature on the planet (although honestly he may have just been trying to talk himself up to impress Caroline). However, throughout his character arc on The Vampire Diaries, there were quite a few other supernatural beings that seemingly gave Klaus a run for his money and occasionally came close to killing him.

As the show’s most threatening villain from the moment he appeared until the day he left for his own spinoff, Klaus had a lot of people coming after him. But out of all of the characters that fought against Klaus, who were the most powerful?

Stefan Salvatore
Stefan in “Bad Moon Rising” episode of The Vampire Diaries
When Klaus first got to town, he was apparently itching to become besties with Stefan Salvatore again, even though Stefan had no idea who Klaus was. And, when Klaus strongarmed Stefan into drinking human blood and leaving his Mystic Falls life behind, Stefan didn’t take it well.

While the younger Salvatore was never any real competition for Klaus, he did manage to swipe Klaus’ family and do quite a few other things to put Klaus on the defensive.

Tyler Lockwood
Tyler in season 4 of The Vampire Diaries
Initially, Klaus was obviously planning on Tyler Lockwood becoming his new faithful servant and something maybe approaching a friend. However, Tyler understandably didn’t appreciate his mystical enslavement and did everything he could to rebel against Klaus.

Tyler managed to win over all of Klaus’ hybrids and break their sire bond to the Original hybrid, and considering that Klaus had been working towards this for centuries, it was a huge hit against him.

Katherine Pierce

While Klaus wooed and charmed Katerina Petrova because he was planning on using her for his sacrifice, little did he know that he was messing with one of the most badass future vampires in history.

Katherine didn’t take Klaus’ plans to kill her lying down, and she not only foiled his plan to break his hybrid curse, but she spent the next 500 years dodging him and messing up his plans.

Rebekah Mikaelson

Despite the front that he puts up, deep down Klaus loves his family more than anything. And it’s quite possible that he loves Rebekah more than any of the others too.

However, Klaus and Rebekah also manage to completely redefine sibling rivalry, so Rebekah has on occasion destroyed Klaus’ ability to make hybrids, plotted with Mikael against him, and nearly gotten him killed when she was feeling particularly frustrated with her big brother.

Elijah Mikaelson

It’s clear that after all that they’ve been through, no matter how angry Elijah gets at his brother he could never actually end Klaus’ immortal life. However, he has certainly tried on occasion, and he’s gotten closer than most.

Not only is Elijah one of the few threats to Klaus given that he’s an Original, but his strategic thinking and ability to formulate a plan that could legitimately end Klaus makes him a real danger.

Vampire Alaric Saltzman

Luckily for Klaus, his little sister put a stop to the Original Vampire Hunter version of Alaric very quickly, because if she hadn’t, Klaus may have actually been killed.

Alaric was a true immortal whose only weakness was Elena Gilbert, and after Esther outfitted him with an indestructible white oak stake, prospects for Klaus’ future were not looking good. This version of Alaric was one of the few characters that legitimately seemed to scare Klaus.


As the witch who imbued Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons with immortality, it’s obvious why Esther was such a threat to Klaus’ life.

And unlike some other powerful creatures who could possibly pose a danger to Klaus, Esther was exceptionally intimidating to him because destroying him, the Original family, and the entire vampire race was Esther’s life goal. And of course, Esther wasn’t just capable of harming Klaus physically, clearly she could crush him emotionally and mentally as well.


While Klaus’ mom was very determined to stifle her son’s hybrid side and eventually destroy him completely, Esther’s grudge against Klaus is nothing in comparison to Mikael’s.

For pretty much all of Klaus’ vampire life, Mikael was the only man who was physically capable of fighting Klaus, who actually had the drive and determination to kill him, and most importantly had the only weapon that could actually kill Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries Silas in ancient times
To be honest, Klaus is extremely lucky that Silas’ end goal wasn’t to do him harm, because if that was Silas’ aim then he likely could have succeeded.

As an ancient witch who was also the first immortal, Silas was an obvious threat. But what seemed to make him exceptionally dangerous to someone like Klaus is that Klaus could be compelled by him, which in theory would make Klaus completely helpless against him.

Bonnie Bennett
Kat Graham as Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries
It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Bonnie Bennett seems to be the most powerful witch in the entire Vampire Diaries universe, but she clearly was the biggest threat that Klaus faced during his tenure on the show.

Even in the early years when Bonnie had barely discovered her powers, she likely would have been the one to put a permanent end to Klaus Mikaelson had Elijah not put a stop to it.

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