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Teen Wolf: Main Characters First And Last Lines

Everyone made an impression with their opening lines on Teen Wolf. But the closure of their last lines did a lot of good for the characters too.

The first lines in a series give insights into how the characters are meant to be perceived. They suggest the character’s personality and their relationships with other characters. While the characterization may develop over time, first impressions and interactions tend to be well-remembered by viewers as they track how far the central characters have come by the series finale.

The last lines of each character, or where they are, give a glimpse not only as a way to end the series but also portray how far everyone had come since their first introduction. On Teen Wolf, every main character undergoes a lot of character development. While some may be similar to their initial introduction, others have developed beyond who they had been.


First: “Dude, watch the paint job.”

Jackson’s introduction made it clear he was meant to be a typical bad boy jock. He does not have the best first impression, and he spends plenty of the following episodes being awful to Scott, Stiles, and Lydia. While he does show a kinder side to Allison, he is determined to become a werewolf, like Scott.

Last: “Good to see you, Coach.”

After season two, Jackson disappears from the series and does not return until season six and has matured since his departure. Jackson has been dating Ethan in London, but the two return just ahead of the war. Jackson’s last lines are shared with Ethan and Coach, but that is not the last viewers see of him. In his last scene, Jackson and Ethan have returned to London, searching for other werewolves.


First: “Mom, three calls on my first day is a little overdoing it.”

Allison’s first line nicely sets up her role while also introducing Scott’s werewolf abilities. Scott, from inside his classroom, can hear Allison speaking on the phone outside. Having just started school, Allison meets Scott, Lydia, and Jackson early on, becoming quick friends with Lydia.

Last: “You have to tell my dad. You have to tell my dad. Tell him.”

Sadly, Allison’s last lines occur as she dies in Scott’s arms. She had been helping rescue Lydia and fighting the Nogitsune when she was killed. Allison’s death left her friends devastated as they desperately tried to grieve her and keep it together long enough to defeat the Nogitsune. This may have been Allison’s last lines, but it was not Crystal Reed’s final appearance. Crystal Reed guest-starred later on playing Marie-Jeanne Valet during a flashback sequence.

Chris And Allison Argent In Teen Wolf
First: “Take him.”

As part of a family of werewolf hunters, Argent becomes a much bigger threat when Scott learns he is Allison’s father. Argent struggles with Allison and Scott’s relationship as he tries to come to terms with that not all werewolves are bad. It is an arc that takes time for Argent to go from enemy to an unlikely ally to a friend.

Last: “Your family is right in front of you.”

By the series finale, Argent has become a good friend of Scott’s and was even dating his mother. In the series finale, the beginning and end show Argent and Scott bringing a young werewolf to an undisclosed location. However, Argent’s last conversation is with his father and sister, standing against his father.


First: “I said it made me feel sick to my stomach.”

Malia’s first appearance is as a coyote. She had been missing for years when Scott helped her transform into a human form. Afterward, Malia has an emotional reunion with her father and is not seen again until “Echo House.” In Eichen House, Malia punches Stiles, and her first real line of dialogue occurs during a group meeting.

Last: “What?”

Her relationship with Scott had grown immensely from their first meeting, and she wants Scott to heal his eyes. So, following Lydia’s suggestion, Malia kisses Scott, successfully bringing him to heal his eyes.


First: “Not like that.”

Kira is first seen in class when her father, the teacher, directly calls attention to her. He states that she doesn’t have any friends, leaving Kira embarrassed. But, it isn’t that long afterward that she makes friends with Scott. Kira ends up being a major part of the McCall Pack and continues to grow her Kitsune abilities as she helps the group defeat several villains.

Last: “Keep it safe for me. Keep it safe.”

After being a key player in the group, Kira left her friends behind to join the Skinwalkers in season five. When Kira left, she had one last moment with Scott. Unfortunately, her journey on the show ended there, and questions regarding her character are left unresolved.

Derek And Peter In Teen Wolf
First: “What are you doing here?”

Derek was an intimidating member of the Hale family at first. His family had burned in a house fire, leaving him behind in Beacon Hills. As mysterious as he may come across, Derek is hiding that he is a werewolf and wishes to train Scott. Werewolves are weaker alone, so Derek wants to help the newly turned teenager use his powers while showing Scott that he is not alone.

Last: “Scott, you have to heal. If your eyes stay like this much longer, the damage is gonna be permanent.”

Derek stands beside Stiles, Lydia, and Malia as they try to encourage Scott to heal to save his sight. Derek and Scott’s relationship had grown plenty from their first meeting, with Scott and Derek being close, supportive friends.


First: “What do you mean?”

Liam may not have been a supernatural threat, but he posed a problem on the lacrosse field. When Scott and Stiles confront Liam, he is confused about their intentions, believing that he played his role on the field.

Last: “You did. Because you’re a great coach.”

By the series finale, Liam has mellowed out and become an integral part of the team. He is Scott’s first and only Beta, and being a part of the group had matured and helped Liam. In the final minutes of “The Wolves Of War,” Liam’s last lines show him willing to be a co-captain, giving Coach credit for participating in Liam’s change of heart.


First: “That jacket is absolutely killer. Where’d you get it?”

When Lydia sees Allison, she is excitedly drawn to Allison’s outfit and declares they are best friends. Such a comment doesn’t suggest the secret truth about Lydia’s intelligence, something that would not come to light for a while.

Last: “Kiss him.”

Lydia’s last line comes as she determines a way to save Scott’s eyes. Lydia encourages Malia to kiss Scott, and when Malia does, Scott’s eyes heal. However, Lydia’s final scene has her standing in the parking lot with several other McCall Pack members.

Dylan O’Brien as Stiles in Teen Wolf
First: “You weren’t answering your phone. Why do you have a bat?”

Stiles quickly became a fan-favorite with his charismatic charm and witty dialogue. Stiles shows up at Scott’s house, wishing to find a dead body with his best friend.

Last: “Come on, Scott, concentrate.”

Stiles has always encouraged Scott, so this is not a shocking final line. With Scott’s sight on the line, Stiles encourages Scott to focus on healing. Like several others, Stiles is last seen in the parking lot with the rest of the McCall Pack.

Teen Wolf Scott
First: “Stiles, what the hell are you doing?”

After Scott and Stiles calm down from accidentally scaring each other, Scott goes with Stiles into the woods, searching for a dead body. When Stiles is caught, Scott confronts a wolf and gets the bite that transforms his life.

Last: “You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.”

Scott hated being a werewolf. Scott’s final line shows how much he had grown throughout the years. Scott had embraced being a werewolf and was devoting himself to saving other werewolves.

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