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7 Most Expensive Supernatural Episodes (& Why They Cost So Much)

Supernatural had some huge episodes with big ideas but these 10 looked by far to be the most expensive. Let’s look at what made them so extravagant.

Most dedicated fans of Supernatural are aware that the show mainly worked off of a lower budget than most other shows in the industry. With earlier seasons recording a budget as low as a few thousand dollars per episode, and to the later seasons with a budget of around two million per episode, the show is overall one of the most low-budget series on TV. But clearly, having a lower budget doesn’t mean the show is of poor quality! The acting and writing in the show are superb, as the show continued to draw in its loyal fanbase every season.

“Last Holiday”

supernatural last holiday dinner scene
Many may have forgotten why the Mrs. Butters episode is most likely one of the most expensive, but there are multiple props and special effects in this episode.

Her green eyes and red-smoky background at one point must have been more costly than other demonic, smoky scenes because production should have had to implement different details. However, think about all those holiday decorations! Who set up the large Christmas tree and lights, and not to mention the Halloween jack-o-lanterns? That right there is enough of a cost for an entire crew to handle.

“Lucifer Rising”

This was is all about saying “bye-bye” to Ruby! But does anyone recall how much must have gone into making the entire episode, especially the ending scene when the ground becomes an extremely bright door to who-knows-what?

From Lilith’s and Ruby’s special effects in dying to the bloody circle that opens up to an exploding circle of light, Season 4’s finale should have been among the show’s more expensive episodes.

“Let The Good Times Roll”

Dean Michael Angel Shadow Supernatural
Now, this episode is not only one of the more expensive ones because of Dean’s arch-angelic transformation (although as real fans remember, he thinks they “had a deal,” and Apocalypse-world Michael mercilessly breaks that).

It actually must be pricier because of the flying stunt coordination. Many fans agree that this fight looks ridiculous, and even unnecessary. But on top of stunt doubles and the actors using harnesses, the in-air fight actually must have cost them a little bit more from their budget because of how Lucifer is then killed by Dean in a brightly lit, CGI manner. The whole fight involved more than just regular combat training that the actors were already used to.

“Swan Song”

supernatural the cage season 5 finale sam adam falling
This fight scene between Michael and Lucifer is really interesting, and clearly looks more realistic through the grounded, bloody combat Jared and Jensen had to perform. But there were other costly moments that the episode involved.

Does everyone remember Castiel’s best line of the episode, “Hey! Ass-butt,” followed by him temporarily burning Michael away? Well, that, for starters, should have dented the budget a bit, but certainly not as much as the entire cemetery ground cracking open, revealing an abysmal death as Sam falls into the cage.

“Fallen Idols”

paris hilton supernatural fallen idols smiling
How on earth would this episode, out of all, be one of the most expensive? It’s mainly because Paris Hilton’s estimated net worth roughly equates to $300 million today. So, it must have been a lot back then too when she guest-starred on the show.

Fans may argue that other stars made appearances, like Snooki and, of course, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose net worth increased from his part on The Walking Dead. However, Hilton is definitely a more expensive guest star out of most others. So, how much did the show pay her? No one knows the factual amount, but it’s not surprising if it was one of the most expensive episodes all because of one celebrity.

“Alpha And Omega”

What an expense this season finale definitely was! From the sky opening up, to Dean’s bright, glowing, open-heart extraction of souls (fans should recall that he is a “bomb” to trap Amara), none of these moments should have cost more than the room where the ending scene is set.

The garden-like scenery is a large room, that sure, could be rather simple to dress up to look like a heavenly place, but involved a lot of hands to decorate and build it. Additionally, the bright blue and black smoke circling up to the sky in front of Dean probably was an expensive CGI effect, plus bringing back Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester.


Well, this one may be neck-and-neck with a couple more episodes, but there are several reasons why this season finale should have been more expensive than others.

Season 15’s finale involved higher budget moments, but the pandemic ruined the more costly aspects that the team had planned, such as bringing in more actors for the heaven scene. Therefore, “Moriah” had everything thrown into it. From Jack’s CGI effect of dying and waking up in The Empty, to all of those that rise up from the dead and dramatically enclose on Sam, Dean, and Cas, Season 14’s finale was undoubtedly one of the more expensive episodes the show successfully filmed. How much did each actor get paid to play the frightening walking dead (get that reference?) that the boys have to fend off? No one may ever know, but it certainly wasn’t cheap!

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