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Grey’s Recap: Wakeup Call — Plus, Did Amelia Accept Link’s Proposal?

If the promos for Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy were to be believed, Meredith was at last to awaken in “Sorry Doesn’t Always Make It Right.” And as if she didn’t have enough to catch up on, what with Maggie and Winston’s engagement, Link got down on one knee all ready to propose to Amelia. Did Scout’s mom say yes? Was it even a real question-popping? Read on, and we’ll go over everything that transpired in the episode, Giacomo Gianniotti’s directorial debut.

‘HELL OF A HONEYMOON’ | As we began the hour, in part a continuation of action that kicked off on Station 19, Owen hollered at Jackson for pulling his residents from the ER to help with COVID testing, Teddy backseat-drove Mer’s treatment via Zoom on one of her last days off, Jo continued to bond with Luna, and Amelia marveled at the kids’ ability to create more laundry than existed… just as Link’s parents showed up in the driveway in their RV. They had a bright idea, too: taking the youngsters on a COVID-safe road trip, thereby giving Link and Amelia a break. At Grey Sloan’s testing site, Jackson shared with Levi that he’d sat through endless Catherine Fox Foundation meetings to get the hospital extra tests. In peds, Cormac and Reza treated a baby named Arthur who was waiting with anxious dad Chris for a heart transplant. Finally, Station 19 newlyweds Shane and Carissa were brought to the ambulance bay by our firefighters. He was still pissed that she’d begged the first responders to save her first, and to hell with the guy she’d married only earlier that day.

‘DON’T TELL HER HOW I AM, SHE DOESN’T GET TO KNOW ANYTHING’ | While treating Carissa, the bride beseeched Jo to put her in the same room as Shane. When she admitted to Tom what she’d said to Shane in a moment of panic, Koracick cracked that maybe she could blame it on brain bleed. When Jo filled in Shane on Carissa’s condition, he instructed her not to tell his wife that he was being wheeled into surgery — or anything. Natch, Carissa realized at once that Shane was still mad. “I was wrong that no one would miss him,” she cried. “It’s only been a few hours, and I already miss him so much, I could burst.” Shortly, Jo filled in a still-unconscious Mer as a way of backing into admitting that she wanted to change specialties. “Since Alex left, my house hasn’t been my happiest place,” Jo said, “so I want work to be.” Oh, and she’d repeat it all when Grey woke up. “I can’t take any more worst days here.” Following Shane’s surgery, he seemed ready to stick a fork in his brand-new marriage — until Bailey gave him what-for. At last, he asked to see his bride, at least via tablet. Only when they were face to face, he told Carissa that he wanted an annulment. She’d been selfish when he met her and was selfish now, he just no longer found it charming.

‘LET’S HAVE SEX IN THE KITCHEN!’ | Left alone at home without the kids, Link and Amelia started down the path to sexytime when she broke down crying. In response, off a remark from his mom about Amelia being his wife, Link got down on bended knee. But that wasn’t what she wanted at all, she just needed a good cry. “It just hit me,” she later said, “that it’s been months since I was able to feel whatever I want without worrying that I’m going to scar a child.” But, um, did she want to marry him? Did he want to marry her? He’d sworn he’d never put a kid through what he went through with his folks’ divorce. And she feared that she was wired for self-destruction; lately, she’d gone to sleep dreaming of getting high. She even thought about it when she was feeding Scout. Later, she shared that she couldn’t so much as smoke weed because if she did, she might forget that she couldn’t do heroin. So “for the record, I would marry you in a hot minute,” Link said. She was stronger than most addicts. With that, he got down on one knee again, and she hollered, “No!” again. Later still, Amelia admitted that she loved Link so much, it was all she could do not to have a panic attack. In exchange for her not getting high, he promised to no longer propose to her in a remotely compulsory manner. With that, they took advantage of the empty house and the roaring fire… just as his parents returned with the kids.

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