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10 Reasons To Binge (Or Rewatch) ‘Teen Wolf’

From the creator of Criminal Minds, Jeff Davis, comes perhaps one of the most popular and entertaining supernatural shows to date: Teen Wolf! Having aired on MTV from 2011-2017, Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall as he is thrown into the world of the supernatural and mythological following being bitten by a werewolf one night in the woods. If, perhaps, you’ve never seen the show then sit back and allow for us to tell you all the reasons why you should definitely give this one a watch. However, if you have seen this show, then read on to reminisce and perhaps you’ll find yourself wanting to rewatch it again!

1. It’s A Complete Series
Who doesn’t love sitting down to binge watch a TV show? Well, since this show ended back in 2017, Teen Wolf is now complete with six seasons of supernatural drama for your viewing pleasure! For that reason, this is one that you should definitely add to your to-watch list.

2. Fandom
One of the reasons why this show has managed to live on even past its final episode is the power of the fandom that formed as a result of its existence. The Teen Wolf fandom is one of the ultimate fandoms across the board, with fans populating various social media sites and waiting for you to join in on the discussions, shipping debates, and share your fanfiction and fanart! So why not give the show a watch and then interact with these lovable people to share your thoughts on the show?!

3. Cast
Do you have a desire to pick out those familiar faces? Well, one of the reasons why you should watch Teen Wolf is merely the cast alone. This talented bunch are a collection of both lesser known and popular actors and actresses – each of whom bring to the screen a collection of believable and relatable characters! From Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien to Truth or Dare’s Tyler Posey and Gotham‘s Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf both introduces and promotes a wide range of acting talent.

4. Plot
The show’s main town, Beacon Hills, is just that – a beacon… for all kinds of mythological creatures including werewolves, banshees, ghost riders, and more! So when Scott McCall is bitten one night in the woods by a werewolf, him and his friends realities are turned upside down as they are thrown into a world they thought only to be fiction. Throughout all six seasons, they battle with opposing forces in this ‘coming of age’ story with a supernatural twist. On top of that, they still have to deal with their own complicated teenage lives by going to school and pretending everything is normal when nothing is as it seems!

5. Themes
There are a variety of themes which are covered in the Teen Wolf TV show and one of the most important ones, despite the focus on the supernatural, is what it means to be human. Alongside this, other key concepts of the show include friendship, loyalty, family, hope, love, and loss. The combination of these themes and the storylines which incorporate them into the show make for all the more entertaining and emotional watch.

6. Mythology
It is not very often that a show dives deep into the mythological background of a mass of creatures as Teen Wolf does. However, if you are one of those people who love to learn about all things supernatural, then Teen Wolf is definitely the show for you! From werewolves, kanimas, banshees, hellhounds, kitsunes, ghost riders, and more, Teen Wolf offers an insight into some of the most popular and lesser known mythological creatures, while even incorporating some real legends into the mix!

7. Characters
Give the show a couple of episodes and these characters will begin to feel like your own friends and family. From Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski, to characters like Peter Hale and the Desert Wolf, all of the characters that feature in the show have their own in depth back stories and personalities making them all the more intriguing, realistic, and relatable!

8. Girl Power
Fasten your seatbelts! Whilst the show may feature Scott McCall as the main protagonist, Teen Wolf stars many talented actresses bringing a number of strong-willed, intelligent, and daring female characters to life. From Allison Argent and Lydia Martin, to adult females such as Melissa McCall and Victoria and Kate Argent, there is not a single female character in the show who sits back and waits to be saved. No, these girls are ready to take control and aren’t afraid to throw themselves into the fight whether it be to attack or defend.

9. Friendships
A key theme in the show is friendship and it certainly takes the spotlight in nearly every scene. Whether it’s the bromance between Scott and Stiles, the banter between Stiles and Derek, or the evolving connection between Liam and Theo, friendship is explored in many different ways throughout the six seasons. Just like in reality, not all friendships last forever and some even evolve into something more… Teen Wolf will provide you the opportunity to watch how these characters interact with each other and how their trials bring some of them closer and even tear some of them apart.

10. Relationships
As well as friendships, the relationships of Teen Wolf allow for fans to indulge in their shipping wars! The relationships in Teen Wolf come in a variety as well, from love at first sight, from friends to lovers, love-hate and even some toxic relationships as well. What’s better yet is that Teen Wolf also dives into exploring the LGBT community with characters such as Mason Hewitt and more! So if you’re interested in finding out who ends up with who and if you’re right in who you initially believe will end up together, then give Teen Wolf a watch now?!

With all that being said, why not give the show a try and let us know down in the comments below what you think of Teen Wolf. If you’ve already watched the show, why not take this opportunity to rewatch it from the very beginning?

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