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More Tesla Model 3s Join New York Taxi Fleet as Use Benefits are Clear

Using electric vehicles to perform taxi services is a great idea. In day-to-day work, this type of transport burns gallons of fuel, polluting the already dirty air of large cities. After the first Tesla Model 3 was registered in New York in November 2020 as an official yellow cab, four more Model 3s were registered here.

United Taxi Management (UTM), the company that operates its own fleet of yellow taxis in New York, has added four Model 3. UTM President Savas Tsitiridis boasted photos of their impressive Tesla fleet on LinkedIn. In addition, he said that the company has added a fast charger to the company’s site, which will resolve the charging issue

The use of Tesla as a taxi has been practiced for many years. In addition to having a positive effect on air quality and the absence of exhaust fumes, an electric car can bring significant benefits compared to a taxi with an internal combustion engine:

the owner can receive state incentives for the purchase of a vehicle
the cost of charging Teslas with electricity is much lower than using gasoline
maintenance and service costs are very low
the service life of Tesla cars is longer than that of its gas-powered counterparts
This is why Tesla vehicles are gaining more and more popularity as taxis, police cars, and vehicles for medical and fire personnel. The wider the charging infrastructure becomes–and the cheaper it is to purchase electric cars–the more often we will be able to see and utilize them on the roads of our cities.

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