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What is Canelo Alvarez’s Net Worth?

World champion boxer Canelo Alvarez is much more than an elite in-ring persona. His charisma and popularity go beyond the squared circle, resulting in a flashy lifestyle for the Mexican superstar.

He is a global phenomenon, whose popularity isn’t just restricted to the combat community. That makes him one of the richest punchers in the sport today.

The 30-year-old has amassed an immense fortune for himself. So huge that he can easily hang his gloves up for good. However, Alvarez is in no mood to bid the sport he loves so much adieu as he just touched the prime

It further ensures more lucrative paychecks for the Mexican, citing a constant rise in his net worth. But departing from the Golden Boy promotions might endanger that.

Meanwhile, Alvarez is the P4P king and garners huge attention on his fight nights. Thus, he can still be the cash cow in the sport.

He will return to action against Callum Smith on December 19th at the Alamodome Stadium in Texas. Prior to the electrifying matchup, here’s a look at Alvarez’s net worth and riches.

Canelo Alvarez is a money man
Despite trudging through a fight drought in 2020, Alvarez has managed to retain his position in the Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes this year. He is on the 30th spot with an earning of $37 million ( $2 million from endorsements and $35 million from his salary).

His boxing journey has bagged him several big fights and Alvarez continues to relish on them. DAZN claims that the Mexican earned $12 million from fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2013 and doubled the amount to $25 million in his fight against Amir Khan in 2016.

He also earned $70 million from facing GGG twice, taking a gigantic leap in riches. Apart from that, his endorsements with Under Armour, Coppel Tecate, Hennessy, and Everlast have also helped him make a reported net worth of $94 million.

However, his contractual turmoil with DAZN and Golden Boy seemingly prevented him from making an enormous sum. As per reports, Alvarez was offered $365 million in a 5-year deal. But he ended up parting ways for some problems.

Meanwhile, Canelo Alvarez is still a wealthy man, who often shares pictures of his car collection. Here’s a look at them.

Alvarez’s nearing fight against Smith will further bring him another big pay-check. Nevertheless, COVID-19 hurdles have affected the sport, and it remains to be seen if Alvarez will unearth yet another treasure trove.

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