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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Did Terry Love Or Hate It?

Well, don’t make Terry tear up and ace this quiz!

The show Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a small group of police detectives who work at the 99th precinct in New York. Throughout the show, they become more like a family than simply just co-workers.

Terry Jeffords, portrayed brilliantly by Terry Crews, is one of the main characters on the show. He is the protective father figure of the 99th precinct. Although he has served at several other precincts over the years, he has found the 99 to be his true home.

There is no doubt – Terry is the strongest member of the precinct.. Remember how he popped his new puffy vest to pieces or crushed the magic 8-ball with his bare hands? Exactly, Terry is a strong man but is also the most in touch with his emotions. Damn, you know that Terry loves love!

Several episodes of the show contain a running gag involving Terry’s love for yogurt. Although this love is strong, the love for his detective family is stronger, thus he would drop his yogurt at a moment’s notice to protect the team. Along with yogurt, there are a lot of things that Terry loves. But do you remember the ones he hates?

50% LikesVS
50% Dislikes

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