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Grey’s Anatomy: Ranking The Main Sets & Locations From Least To Most Important

A lot has happened in Grey’s Anatomy over the course of its long 17 season run and its sets and locations are a big part of all the action and drama.

As a show that has managed to go on for 17 seasons so far, Grey’s Anatomy has proven that it is the medical drama to beat. Over the years, the show has delivered plenty of compelling storylines and shocking story arcs. It also introduced viewers to a diverse group of characters, primarily medical professionals who strive hard to save lives despite any and all complications in their private lives.

Throughout the episodes, the show has also featured several interesting sets and locations, some of which fans can readily recognize today and have become iconic.

Preston Burke’s Apartment

Burke (Isaiah Washington) figured heavily during the show’s earlier seasons. Early on, he hooked up with intern, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), and throughout the seasons, their relationship progressed nicely. In fact, Burke even asked Cristina to move in with him and that is how Burke’s apartment became prominent on the show.

As fans may recall, this was also the very set where Cristina returned (and broke into tears) after Burke called off their wedding. Surprisingly, she decided to remain in the apartment, even when she and Burke were over.


In the context of the show, the elevator deserves to be recognized as a primary set in itself. After all, so many things have occurred inside the elevators over the years, whether the hospital was Seattle Grace Mercy West or Grey Sloan Memorial.

Perhaps, Addison (Kate Walsh) said it best when she referred to the elevators as a “kind of aphrodisiac.” Derek and Meredith memorably kissed in the elevator and so did Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). On the other hand, George (T.R. Knight) also memorably operated on a patient while stuck inside an elevator.

On-Call Room

Each episode of Grey’s Anatomy features more than enough medical cases to make one’s head spin. At the same time, however, the episodes are also heavy on romantic storylines and sexual tension. And when there’s tension, there’s a good chance that something will transpire in the hospital’s on-call room.
In the beginning, it was just the interns who frequented this location. But as the show progressed, fans also saw Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) use the room with Ben (Jason George). Addison also once dragged Alex (Justin Chambers) into this room for an impromptu hookup.

Derek’s Trailer

Oddly enough, it was around the time that Addison showed up (unannounced) that this set became well-used on the show. When Derek decided to give his marriage to Addison another chance, the show often featured several scenes of the couple in this home. Not to mention, Meredith also showed up outside the trailer a handful of times.

Once was around the time that Meredith discovered that it was Addison who cheated and destroyed their marriage. After Derek gave her the full story, he memorably told Meredith, “You were like coming up for fresh air.”

Jo And Alex’s Loft

When Katherine Heigl’s Izzie left the show, there was no choice but to drop the romantic storyline between Izzie and Karev. Soon enough, though, Alex tried to find love again. He went out with several women, but ultimately, he recognized that Jo (Camilla Luddington) was the one. The two settled down and moved into a loft where they shared many memorable scenes together.

This set also saw many visitors, including Meredith, Miranda, Ben, Teddy (Kim Raver), Maggie (Kelly McCreary), and many others. Jo continued to stay in the loft even after Alex left her for Izzie.

Miranda Bailey’s Apartment

In the beginning, it was hard to determine what Miranda was really all about. After all, fans only saw her in the hospital. The show decided not to delve much into her personal life until later on. When it did focus on Miranda though, the show brought the audience into her home, which figured prominently in the episodes.

Here, fans got to see a different side of Miranda. Among the most memorable scenes in this set was where Miranda was reading the letter that Alex had left for her before he left.

Emerald City Bar

The Emerald City Bar or Joe’s Bar has been an important set from the very beginning. For starters, this is where Meredith and Derek first met. This also happens to be the spot where Lexie (Chyler Leigh) tried to flirt with Derek before she even knew who he was or what his connection to Meredith was.

The bar was also the venue for Burke’s bachelor’s party, even though it was impromptu. And of course, who can forget that this bar was also the scene of an incident that saw a car crash through the bar’s window.

Meredith And Derek’s House

Meredith and Derek’s relationship was one of the show’s most unforgettable love stories. Sure, it started out as a hookup, which was revealed to be an affair, and truthfully, there were some moments when fans thought that they shouldn’t stay together.

Over time, however, it became clear that they were each other’s true love, and in some ways, this house was the very symbol of that love. Derek himself built this house for them and the couple shared a lot of memorable moments here. Following Derek’s death though, Meredith decided to sell it.

Meredith’s House

Since the beginning, one of the most prominent sets on the show has always been Meredith’s home. It actually belonged to her mother, but Meredith found a way to settle in nicely eventually. The house came to be known as the intern house since several interns stayed with Meredith here over the years.

Not to mention, Callie had also stayed here briefly when she was dating George. Derek also moved in with Meredith at one point while the other doctors were living in the house.

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Grey Sloan Memorial is, undoubtedly, the most important and most prominent set and location on the show. After all, this is where fans see their favorite doctors in action. This is also the place where heated arguments occur, fights get intense, and sometimes, doctors do things they’re not supposed to.

In the beginning, this hospital went by another name. However, Meredith and other doctors banded together to buy the hospital, and they renamed it Grey Sloan Memorial in honor of Lexie and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) after they both perished in the plane crash.

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