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Gilmore Girls: 10 Moments That Prove Rory & Paris Are Actually Soulmates

Chilton academics Rory and Paris may have started off as enemies on Gilmore Girls, but their relationship developed into one of love and respect.

Paris Geller and Rory Gilmore started out as mortal enemies on Gilmore Girls. As the student body president and one of the smartest students at Chilton, Paris was threatened by a fresh-faced Rory. Over the years, the two used their competitive nature to their advantage and became long-lasting friends. They even attended Yale and lived together.

Over the years, fans were quick to point out how messy Rory and Paris’s personal lives were. If the two ladies took a second to realize how well they got along, they might have noticed that they were each other’s soulmates. They understood each other, they respected each other… and they couldn’t get rid of each other no matter how much they sometimes wanted to.

They Can’t Describe Their Connection

Rory and Paris said time and time again how much they couldn’t stand each other. Rory even went out of her way to avoid Paris when she saw her. Paris is the kind of person who doesn’t run from her fears, so she always confronted Rory to put her in her place. But no matter what, there was an unspoken connection between the two keeping them together. Rory and Paris wanted to hate each other but when they saw each other in pain they went out of their way to help the other.

They Make Each Other Better

There’s no doubt that Rory and Paris made each other better students. It got to a point where Headmaster Charleston saw the fire within each other ladies and brought them together to bring out the best in each other.

When the Chilton bicentennial was around the corner, Headmaster Charleston asked Rory and Paris to write an opening speech for the event. However, both of their speeches were so good that he had them come together to combine them. The women hated the idea of working with each other but when they did, they realized they were better on the same team.

Paris Gets Along With One Of The Harshest Women In The Series: Emily Gilmore

When Rory found people that her grandparents accepted, she tended to keep them around. It could be hard to date and be friends with people whom Richard and Emily Gilmore did not approve of because it made Rory’s life harder.

When Emily and Richard found out that Rory was dating Dean again, they threw a Yale mixer to introduce Rory to new men to break them up. On the flip side, Paris fit in with the Gilmore way of life. She had notable family members, was brilliant, polished, and agreed with most of the Gilmores’ views. If there was one woman Rory was going to bring home to Richard and Emily, it was Paris.

Paris Keeps Up With Rory & Lorelai’s Fast Jargon

Not too many people understand the rapid-fire banter that Rory and Lorelai spit out every day. They drop pop culture bombs in every other sentence while also comparing authors, poets, and books. If a person isn’t familiar with older movies or classic novels, they often find themselves confused when conversing with the Gilmore girls.

Paris, however, can keep up. She drops the same kinds of pop culture snippets and book references as Rory does. It’s astounding when Rory met someone she didn’t need to explain everything to, which is why these two should have stuck together.

Their Love Lives With Men Didn’t Pan Out

As stunning and brilliant as Rory and Paris are, they didn’t have the best luck with men. Paris was lucky enough to find love with different men throughout college before settling down with Doyle; but as fans saw in the reboot, they didn’t last. Likewise, Rory also found herself single in the reboot. She was in a toxic, one-sided relationship with a very engaged Logan and was going nowhere fast.

Rory and Paris found themselves in the same position at Yale when they both broke up with Doyle and Logan at the same time. All they had was each other and their favorite takeout food — and that was enough.

Opposites Attract

The only thing Rory and Paris really had in common was their love for education. They could rarely find things they both agreed on outside of studying and school and when they tried talking about boys or other interests, they often disagreed with each other’s experiences.

When the two were at Chilton, Paris proved that she was the higher student by dedicating her weekends to charity work. Rory didn’t realize that how much Paris did outside of school to make herself more attractive to colleges. Seeing her work so hard at tasks for her resume made Rory realize how far behind she was. While Rory was focused on her personal dramas, Paris had her eye on the prize. It was because of Paris’ dedication to bettering herself that Rory stepped it up a notch.

They Were There For Each Other Through Their Darkest Moments

It would be poetic to say that Lane was there during Rory’s darkest moments but really, it was Paris. She was the one who did everything she could to get Rory back to Yale and who tried picking up the pieces when Logan broke Rory’s heart. And don’t forget that Paris viewed Lorelai as a second mother whom she confided in.

But this relationship wasn’t one-sided. Rory was also there to dig Paris out of the gutter when she didn’t get into Harvard and made a fool out of herself on TV. Through it all, they were there for each other.

Paris Stood Up For Rory When Rory Didn’t Have The Strength

Rory’s a strong, independent young lady but when it came to defending herself, she wasn’t great. She typically kept her mouth shut and then ran home and vented about the situation to Lorelai. She was far mopier than anyone ever mentioned. Luckily for Rory, she always had someone in her corner when things took a turn for the worse: Paris.

When Rory and Lucy got into an argument over Marty, Paris stepped in to make Lucy realize what a fool she was for ignoring a friend like Rory. Paris said the nicest things about Rory and their relationship, solidifying that they were unspoken soulmates.

Their Relationship Stood The Test Of Time

If a relationship thrives throughout high school, it will probably last throughout college. And if said friendship lasts throughout college, it’ll probably last for life. Rory and Paris are proof of that.

In the reboot, Pairs and Rory didn’t spend a ton of time together because of their career paths but they were still very much in the loop with each other’s lives. If Rory truly couldn’t stand Paris like she sometimes acted, she wouldn’t have remained close with her after they graduated from Yale. Their friendship stood the test of time.

Spring Break Was Telling

When Paris and Rory spontaneously went to Florida for spring break, it was evident how much they had in common. Instead of drinking and partying with everyone else on spring break, they were happiest lying in bed with pizza while watching TV. Even when they went out to have some drinks, they were always together in their own safety net as opposed to partying separately. And who can forget that kiss?

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