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Supernatural: 10 Times The Show Should Have Ended

From big season wrap-ups to a better finale in the last season, where else could Supernatural have found a satisfying ending?

After 15 Seasons and over 300 episodes, Supernatural ended, but many fans believe there were several other times in the show’s decade and a half of broadcast that it should have ended. Between the dozens of times Sam and Dean both died to disappointment over the show’s final ending, fans wonder if they would have been better off with something else.

Supernatural spans different formats throughout every season. Sometimes the storyline stuck to “monster of the week” and other episodes gave a nod to the strong fandom, requests, and inside jokes between cast members and fans. Throughout these shifts, here are 10 times the show should have ended.

End Of Season 2, “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Dean makes a deal with a demon to save Sam’s life after he’s killed by a fellow psychic in a “last man standing” battle orchestrated by Yellow Eyes, a.k.a. Azazel, a knight of hell. Azazel was the central conflict in seasons 1 and 2. After Jake opens the Hell Gate, the Winchesters and their friends close the gate and kill Azazel, ending the conflict and avenging their father. John also made a deal to save Dean that killed him at the end of Season 1. Sam could have stayed dead and the big bad would have been defeated.

End Of Season 5 “Swan Song”

Sam jumps into the pit after the big fight to stop the apocalypse. This conflict lasted several seasons and Sam’s actions ended it. Chuck’s narration and the dramatic story about the Impala made it sound like the end and many fans have always seen this as a natural ending. Sam made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Lucifer and Micahel from decimating earth with their fight. Dean was completely beaten down and he left the hunting life. The series would have ended here nicely.

Season 6, Episode 21, “Let It Bleed”

In this episode, Lisa and Ben are kidnapped and Lisa is possessed, which, along with them being killed, are Dean’s worst nightmares come true. Throughout this season, there was a race to find Alphas and learn their secret to getting into purgatory. Big players in Heaven and Hell wanted the souls there for more power.

This whole storyline wasn’t very popular and fans were disappointed that Castiel wiped Lisa and Ben’s memories, leaving Dean to go back to hunting and abandon his perfect “pie in the sky” life. They hated that he was dragged away from a situation that made him truly happy. Had the series ended here, Dean could have taken the incident to heart and left the hunting life for good.

Season 8 Premiere

Dean comes back from Purgatory with a vampire battle buddy and this time Sam is the one that retired from hunting. A year has passed, Sam is no longer out of his mind with Lucifer hallucinations, and the Leviathans are gone and forgotten. Again, a Winchester is torn from his “normal” life when Sam is forced to leave Amelia behind and go back to helping Dean. This episode could have wrapped up the whole show with a Winchester reunion and Sam getting his nice life with Amelia. Instead, they find Kevin the Prophet and decide to try to close the Gates of Hell.

The Angels Fall From Heaven & Sam Is Possessed

The trials go well until Sam reveals that they’re killing him. At the same time, Castiel is tricked by Metatron into casting all the angels out of Heaven. When this happens, Sam is in the hospital on his deathbed and, once again, Dean makes a deal by convincing Sam to say “Yes” to an angel possession. Fans didn’t like Metatron as a villain and the side plot of him and Castiel doing their own trials was almost as poorly done as the Leviathan storyline, according to fans. Instead, Sam could have made a sacrifice once again and closed the Gates of Hell, ending the series.

Season 10, Dean Becomes A Demon

He dies with the Mark of Cain at the end of Season 9 and once again he slides through a loophole and doesn’t really die. Instead, he becomes a demon and leaves Sam a random note telling Sam not to look for him. The end of Season 9 concludes the story of Metatron as the arch-villain. Dean could have died for a series finale. Instead, he goes on a rampage with his new best friend, Crowley, that causes Sam to endure a risky plan to “cure” him of his demonhood.

End Of Season 11, The Darkness Is Neutralized

Sam and Dean get their mother back and solve a huge conflict between God and his sister. It was a monumental win for the whole family. Everything was wrapped up but then Sam is kidnapped and the British Men of Letters enter the series. Fans at this point were just annoyed that it seemed Sam and Dean could never catch a break.

They got their mother back but couldn’t even enjoy it. The British Men of Letters storyline was also not very well received. The series could have ended with Sam and Dean getting their Mother back and enjoying this reward.

Season 13, Episode 10 “Wayward Sisters”

This was a perfect place for the Winchesters to “pass the baton” to a new family of hunters. They could retire and the Wayward Sisters could keep going. The characters were well established, there were interesting storylines, and fans loved them. The episode was meant to start a spinoff series but it never got picked up. That didn’t stop fans from following a podcast started by the actresses in the episode and creating their own separate fandom around “Wayward Sisters.”

End Of Season 14

By the end of Season 14, Fans were jaded by Chuck as the villain. As villain arcs go, his is the longest besides Lucifer, whose disjointed story keeps popping up until the very end. Alternate universe Michael had been defeated, Jack is killed by Chuck, and the conflicts are all wrapped up until Chuck declares “welcome to the end” as the line to bring the series into its final season. Chuck was wounded but continues his vendetta against the Winchesters, who he sees as the only “characters” in his story who won’t behave the way he likes.

Season 15, Episode 19

This was the penultimate episode of the series and all conflicts were wrapped up and done. As the “new god,” Jack put the world right after all the chaos caused by Chuck’s three-season villain arch. Most fans felt like episode 20 was just for them and they weren’t happy about Dean’s ending. If the show had ended at episode 19, Sam and Dean could have just gone on and lived their lives as they did at the beginning of episode 20. Instead, Sam had to go on without Dean, had a life and a family, and they didn’t get their happy family reunion until Sam died an old man and went to heaven.

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