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Survivor: What Does Your Favorite Winner Say About Your Personality?

Every Survivor winner brings something unique to the table personality and strategy-wise. Here’s what a fan’s favorite might reveal about them.

Over the course of 40 seasons of Survivor, there have been 38 different winners. Each winner, though ultimately sharing the same title, is different than their predecessors and successors. Everyone brings something unique to the table personality and strategy-wise.
Survivor fans share their opinions on the castaways all the time, even voting in fan-favorites to play in Season 31: Second Chance. Fans are passionate about who they want to win and become devoted to the contestants on their television screens. The winner of a season can lead viewers to go back and rewatch it, the season having been made that much greater because their #1 pick got the grand prize. Here’s what each fan’s favorite says about them.

Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch became an iconic presence in reality TV when he won the first-ever season of Survivor in 2000. He was known for his unwavering confidence, he even declared he would be the Sole Survivor in the very first episode.

If Hatch is your favorite, you probably haven’t watched a whole lot of Survivor since it premiered. Fans of Rich probably like more traditional approaches to things and think too much change is not a good thing.

Chris Underwood

In Survivor: Edge of Extinction, contestants had a chance to re-enter the game after being voted out, but first, they had to endure weeks on an island with no food, no shelter, and all of the people they voted out. Chris Underwood was voted out third, but re-entered the game on Day 35 and ended up winning it all.

If you’re a big fan of Chris, it’s likely you started watching Survivor recently, and twists in the game, and in life, don’t bother you. Fans of Chris are probably very social and have a charm to them that make them irresistibly trustworthy.

Yul Kwon

Yul Kwon found an idol on Day 5 of Survivor: Cook Islands when he was sent to Exile Island. He led his alliance of four post-merge to the final four of the game and was voted Sole Survivor in the first final three format.
Yul was very analytical when it came to the game, so if he is your favorite you might be a bit of an overthinker. You have a methodical thought process that keeps you on track and keeps you out of trouble. Fans of Yul are passionate about the game and have the ability to form unbreakable alliances.

Michele Fitzgerald

Michele got a lot of backlash for her win over Aubry Bracco in 2016, but it wasn’t her fault. Her gameplay was under-edited and hidden while her competitors got more confessionals and attended far more tribal councils than she did. In fact, Michele’s tribe never lost, and she didn’t have to go to tribal until the merge.

If Michele is your ride or die, you’re fiercely protective of the ones you love. You know that Michele deserves her winner status, and you aren’t afraid to speak your mind about it (among other things). Fans of Michele are likely underestimated and stronger than they look.

Tyson Apostol

Tyson’s wit in Season 18 made him a fan-favorite, and when he returned for the third time in Blood vs. Water he was due for a win. He beat out Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson after forming the ‘singles’ alliance when the opposing tribe voted out his longtime love, Rachel.

If Tyson is your favorite, you definitely have a good sense of humor. You tell it like it is, and make others laugh even when you don’t mean to. Tyson fans might have a tiny bit of an ego, but they’re not wrong about how great they are. They have absolutely no filter and were born for this game.

Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins captured the hearts of views on Season 29 and then got voted in for a second chance on Season 31. He ended up winning that season unanimously and even learned he was going to have another baby boy at the family visit.
Jeremy fans know the value of hard work and never give up. If you love Jeremy, you might be a firefighter, or a dad, or both. There’s no doubt that family is the most important thing to you, and you’d do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Parvati Shallow

Parvati Shallow defeated Amanda Kimmel on Survivor: Micronesia in a close 4-3 vote. She led an all-female alliance called the ‘Black Widow Brigade’ and took down the men on her tribe that she previously batted her eyes at. Parvati’s greatest strengths were her use of flirting and her ability to form unbreakable female bonds.

If you love Parvati, you value strong women, or even are one! You know that being the best isn’t always about being the most physically fit or tough, but more about creativity and doing what others won’t. Parvati fans are excellent friends, but you don’t want them as your enemy.

‘Boston’ Rob Mariano

It took Rob Mariano four tries to finally emerge as the Sole Survivor. It was a long time coming when he won Survivor: Redemption Island, a season that even gave castaways a chance to get back in the game after being eliminated. Rob dominated his winning season, and undoubtedly deserved the win.

If you chose Rob as your favorite winner, you might be Jeff Probst himself. You love returnee seasons, and probably thought he deserved the win in All-Stars instead of Amber. A Rob fan might be someone with a very alpha energy, devoted to the game and the win, or is just someone from Boston.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sandra Diaz-Twine was the first Survivor contestant to win the game twice. Her second victory on Heroes v.s Villains, over Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz surprised many, but not Sandra. She knew what she was doing every time that she played, and even labeled herself as the ‘Queen’.
Sandra fans have the classic ‘anyone but me’ mentality, and will likely throw your hat in the fire if you dare to wrong them. You might be a little lazy and want to take frequent seats at the ‘Sandra Sit-Out Bench’, but you bring your A-game when it’s most needed. At the end of the day, you know your worth and don’t need anyone to tell you otherwise, plus you can get loud too.

Tony Vlachos

Tony Vlachos won Season 28 of Survivor, but he also won Season 40: Winners at War. Defeating the best of the best undoubtedly makes him the greatest to ever play, and the first person to have collected over 3 million dollars in winnings on the show.

If Tony is your favorite, you might be a little basic in saying he’s the best, but you wouldn’t be wrong given his track record. Tony fans are a little over-active, needing a Spy Shack to weed out bad alliance members, and tend to get flustered when faced with unpredictability. Bottom line is, those who love Tony are good at what they do and deserve to be celebrated for it.

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