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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Most Shameful Things Jackson Did (& 5 He Should Be Proud Of)

Jackson Avery has had some memorable moments on the show. However, whether they are good or bad is up for the fans to debate.

There are a lot of fan-favorite characters in the compelling medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. However, one character that largely goes under the radar is Jackson Avery. Jackson is relatively level headed, intelligent, and has had a steady evolution from a somewhat callous young resident to a world-class surgeon.
Jackson is one of those few for whom it is hard to find any particularly shameful, cringeworthy moments. He has in general a clean slate, although, that doesn’t mean he is flawless. After all, no character in Grey’s is perfect, which is what makes them flesh and blood. While fans have been proud of some of the gestures he has made, there have also been plenty of times where they have questioned his decisions too.

Ashamed: Making A Fuss When Richard Started Dating His Mom

This was perhaps not no shameful as it was a tad annoying. Jackson did get a bit of a shock when he discovered Catherine had spent the night with Richard the morning of his boards. He was, understandably, a bit distracted thereafter.

However, seeing how rational and cool-headed he was, perhaps he went a little overboard when he continued to sulk even at a later date. His mother was a strong and independent woman, who was wise enough to make her own decisions so he should respected her decision to date Richard. He did become comfortable with the situation later on though and began to root for the couple to be together.

Proud: Not Relying On His Family Name

Jackson came from the “celebrated” Avery family, which had been one of the most prestigious and respectable families in the medical community. Before the Harper Avery scandal was revealed, the older surgeon’s name was shown to hold value at Seattle Grace (in the same way that Ellis Grey’s name was).

Jackson could easily have exploited his family name and got ahead in life for no hospital would have had the guts to turn away Harper Avery’s grandson. However, he refused to use the name as a crutch to the extent that when he joined Seattle Grace, no one was even aware that he belonged to the Avery family. He wanted his accomplishments to be reflective of his hard work and skills rather than be based on his family name.

Ashamed: Waiting Until The Last Minute To Propose To April

Jackson waited until the very last moment to speak up to April about his feelings. April was already at the altar when Jackson decided to confess how he felt in front of a church full of guests and his girlfriend. Later on, it was revealed the two had eloped after fleeing from the church together.
Jackson’s last-minute revelation caused April’s fiancé Matthew and his girlfriend, Stephanie, extreme humiliation and heartbreak. All this could have been avoided had he told April about his feelings while there was still time. Matthew and Stephanie were decent people who deserved better than this.

Proud: Removing His Name From Richard’s Experiment

Jackson was assisting Webber in his experiment to develop an artificial pancreas as a cure for diabetes. He felt as though he was wasting his time at first but when the research started showing potential, he actually went ahead and removed his name from it.

This was because Richard’s experiment, Jackson thought, might be in the running for the Harper Avery, and if the latter’s name appeared on it, the research would never win the award as that would come across as nepotism. Hence to let Richard have his shot at the prestigious award, Jackson bowed out of the study, which was rather a nice gesture.

Ashamed: Vanishing On Maggie

Jackson had a spiritual revelation after April almost died. He himself had a near-death experience in the season 15 premiere.

However, instead of informing Maggie (whom he was dating at the time) that he was taking some time off for his spiritual discovery, he simply vanished on her. He only left her a voice mail to tell her he needed to take a step back to look at the bigger picture, but he neither spoke to her nor told her where he was going. This, justifiably, enraged Maggie. All Jackson needed to do was to keep her in the loop which he didn’t.

Proud: Saving A Little Girl From A Burning Bus

Jackson once saved a little child from a bus that had blown up in the hospital’s causeway. The bus had come crashing into the bay and flipped over, with the explosion occurring just as Jackson was trying to save a scared kid, who was stuck inside the overturned vehicle.
April was deeply upset at the very thought that Jackson might have perished in the burning bus. However, he survived, saving the kid at the same time, a selfless action he had every right to be proud of.

Ashamed: Not Opening Up To Maggie

Again, this is not shameful per se, especially since Maggie repeatedly came across as skeptical of getting too emotionally involved in a relationship.

However, was it unfair that Jackson decided to continuously speak to a random woman called Kate, whom he had met during his spiritual outing, and April because he felt that Maggie simply couldn’t understand what he was going through? A little.

While Maggie was a bit unfair to Jackson in this argument, one can understand why she was upset as it would hurt anyone to discover that the person they loved had been no qualms talking to other people but refused to open up to her.

Proud: His Quick-Thinking Saved Lives During The Hospital Shooting

In the season 6 finale, fans were shocked to discover a mass shooting take place at the hospital after Gary Clark returned to kill Derek, Lexie, and Webber. Clark eventually found and shot Derek, insisting the other surgeons shouldn’t operate or save his life.

At this time, it was Jackson’s quick-thinking that saved a number of lives, including Derek’s, Cristina’s, and, of course, his own. Jackson had the brainwave of disconnecting Derek from the monitors so that it appeared that he had flatlined (when he actually hadn’t.) This pretense was successful as Gary left the room, not realizing what had happened.

Ashamed: Being Sarcastic About The Doctors Suing The Hospital

After the devastating plane crash of the season 8 finale, the doctors who had been aboard that fateful aircraft sued the airline for negligence. As many fans know, the tragedy had caused the deaths of Lexie and Mark, both of whom had been close to Jackson Avery.
While Jackson had initially been on board with their case, he soon changed his mind when he found out that the airline had found a loophole that would cost the hospital greatly. To then question or be sarcastic to Meredith and the others for suing the hospital, even if just for a moment, was genuinely shameful.

Proud: Honoring Grey & Sloan

After Lexie and Mark’s tragic and untimely death, the hospital changed its name from Seattle Grace Mercy West to Grey Sloan Memorial in honor of the two surgeons whose lives had been lost so shockingly.

It was Jackson who came up with this idea for the hospital. As the representative of the Harper Avery Foundation, which had bought the hospital to help it out of its financial fiasco, he had the power to suggest such a major change. He made up for his rather insensitive remark that the doctors needn’t have sued the hospital with this very decent gesture.

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