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Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans call for Bruce Willis to finally cameo in the last season

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans received the very not-noice news this week that the popular sitcom is coming to an end, with its upcoming eighth season set to be its last.

With only 10 new episodes left of the NBC show, fans are beginning to discuss their hopes for the comedy’s swansong and one wish has been particularly popular among viewers – a cameo from Bruce Willis.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will know that Andy Samberg’s character Jake Peralta has always been completely obsessed with the Die Hard movies, which star Willis as action hero John McClane, and he regularly makes reference to them.

As well as frequently quoting lines from the movies, Jake has called Die Hard “the best cop movie of all time” and “the story of my life”. He and his wife and colleague Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) even named their newborn son McLane – or Mac for short – in the season seven finale, in honour of Die Hard.

Now that the show’s executive producer Dan Goor has confirmed that season eight will be the last one, fans have been calling for Jake to finally have a major dream come true and meet the actual Bruce Willis.

Whether he just pops up to deliver a one-liner or embarks on a full-on police mission with Jake (we can dream), viewers are desperate for a Die Hard cameo in some shape or form:

Last February Samberg revealed that he would love Willis to make a guest appearance on the show, saying on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the actor would be his dream guest star.

“My character is obsessed with Die Hard, so we’ve long said getting Bruce Willis would be like a huge thing,” he said. “I mean, I’ve appealed many times for this. I think maybe he’s like waiting for the end to surprise us and shock the world, or, he hates me. I love him.”

The ball’s in your court now, Mr Willis…

After the news was announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to an end this year, showrunner Goor praised the show’s “amazing cast and crew” and “the best fans in the world”, saying that the team are pleased to be able to bring the fans one more season in autumn 2021.

“Ending the show was a difficult decision, but ultimately, we felt it was the best way to honor the characters, the story and our viewers,” he said. “I know some people will be disappointed it’s ending so soon, but honestly, I’m grateful it lasted this long. Title of my sex tape.”

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