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10 Filmmakers Who Should Direct Uncharted 2

Even despite its mixed reception Uncharted was a huge success at the box office and Sony Pictures has now unveiled the Blu Ray special features. And now the movie has been out long enough and the digital and physical releases are nearing speculation about a sequel is growing.Theres enough source material to debate over where the story will go next but the big question is over who will bring that story to life if Ruben Fleischer doesnt return to the directors chair. As the first movie wasnt appreciated by critics and wasnt all that liked by fans of the video game series now is the perfect chance to find an inventive filmmaker who can truly bring the thrill of the games to the big screen.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg might be an obvious choice as hes one of the most famous filmmakers in the world and general audiences know his name just as well as they know movies stars. But nobody directs family adventure better than Spielberg and hed know how to bring the huge action sequences of the video game to the big screen better than anybody.On top of that the video game series is indebted to the Spielberg directed Indiana Jones as Nathan Drake is essentially a modern day version of the fedora wearing archaeologist. And as the acclaimed filmmaker hasnt actually directed an adventure movie since 2011s The Adventures of Tintin one of the most underrated Spielberg movies Uncharted 2 could be the perfect return.

James Wan

James Wan is the ultimate director for hire working today. The filmmaker has such a huge personal interest in horror franchises like The Conjuring and Insidious and he can just as easily hand in $200 million budgeted four quadrant blockbusters that make billions at the box office. He made a genuinely funny exciting and epic DCEU movie with Aquaman and he directed the globe trotting and most ambitious Fast and Furious movie ever with Furious 7.Wan could easily apply his signature comedy action to Uncharted 2 and itd put the comedy in the first movie to shame. The filmmakers horror background could come in handy too as theres a heavy amount of horror elements in some chapters of the video games.

Jaume Collet Serra

There are two sides to Jaume Collet Serra as he knows how to direct slick and fast paced action movies such as Non Stop and The Commuter and he knows how to direct fun adventure flicks such as Jungle Cruise. As Uncharted is an equal mix of those very two genres Collet Serra could be the perfect candidate for Uncharted 2.However the director seemingly currently has a great working relationship with Dwayne Johnson as not only did he direct Jungle Cruise but hes also at the helm of the upcoming DCEU movie Black Adam. So its unlikely that Collet Serra will spearhead a movie without the former wrestler in the lead role. However that could also mean that Johnson could appear in Uncharted 2 as Zoran Lazarevic the iconic villain of Uncharted Among Thieves. They have the same profile and it could work brilliantly.

Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow doesnt seem to have much interest in directing large scale blockbuster movies these days as she has only been directing political thrillers and war dramas since 2008. But in the 1990s and 2000s she was the queen of action blockbusters and she always elevated narratives that sounded like simple popcorn flicks into something way more engaging.But what makes Bigelow a more interesting candidate to helm the adventure sequel is the way she uses first person perspectives in action sequences with the most notable of them all being the chase scene in Point Break. As the video game series sees Drake hanging off castle ledges and being chased through outdoor Madagascan markets Bigelows signature first person shots would fit so well with an Uncharted movie.

F. Gary Gray

Though the F. Gary Gray directed Men In Black International is far from the greatest movie in the world its the result of a screenplay that felt like a first draft. The action sequences in the movie are thrilling just as they always have been throughout Grays whole career.The filmmaker has made a living out of directing huge action movies that take place in several different countries including The Italian Job The Fate of the Furious and MIB International so the filmmaker knows how to shoot sprawling globe trotting action flicks well. But more than anything Gray has a way of creating chemistry between his lead characters better than most other directors and thats clear from his very first film Friday. Warmer chemistry and concise action sequences in European cities are exactly what the Uncharted series needs to improve on.

Jeff Fowler

Jeff Fowler is currently riding high on the success of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and though it isnt saying much because theres such a low bar it could very well be the greatest video game movie of all time. The film has so many references and Easter eggs to the original SEGA Genesis video games and even though its set on Earth its so faithful to the source material. Thats something that Uncharted 2 desperately needs if the movie series wants to get on fans good side.While Uncharted is a perfectly fine adventure movie it was heavily criticized for being completely unlike the video game series. Fowler would make a great Uncharted 2 director not just because hes made a couple of video game movies before but because those movies captured what fans wanted to see while still changing things and introducing new elements.

Gore Verbinski

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has remained extremely quiet over the past few years as his last movie was 2016s The Cure For Wellness. He has been attached to a couple of projects in that time including the X Men movie Gambit and an adaptation of another video game series Bioshock. Its a shame they were canceled as his sense of adventure would lend well to those series but he and Uncharted are a much better pairing. Though the pirate premise of the fourth game A Thiefs End was lifted for the first movie Verbinski is a match for the series for more than just the pirate connection. The filmmaker is known for his wide detailed shots and while the shots in the first Uncharted movie are wide they arent very detailed. The director knows how to make scenes feel awe inspiring and generally where Verbinski goes music composer Hans Zimmer tends to follow and a Zimmer composed Uncharted 2 could make it that much more epic.

Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is one of the most prolific filmmakers working today as hes directed over 20 major movies including classic family adventure films like Back To the Future Forrest Gump and The Polar Express. Whether its practical effects or digital effects Zemeckis is ahead of the curve in both.Itd be great to see the seasoned filmmaker return to the adventure genre and seamlessly blend together everything hes learned over the past 45 years and theres no better project to do that with than Uncharted 2. Between being at the forefront of technology and appealing to both adults and children hes is one of the best choices for the sequel not to mention that Zemeckis movies are box office hits.

James Cameron

Just as the Uncharted games have the best underwater mechanics especially A Thiefs End it only makes sense that James Cameron should take a crack at the video game movie. Given that Cameron built a 40 foot water tank for The Abyss and is using advanced underwater motion capture technology for Avatar 2 there isnt a single director who could make Nathan Drakes underwater treasure hunting look more immersive.Cameron has also made two of the greatest sequels of all time and theyre arguably better than their predecessors Aliens and Terminator 2 Judgement Day. There is no limit to how ambitious the Titanic actor is and though he has the rest of his career filled with Avatar sequels James Camerons Uncharted 2 might be the best movie never made.

Catherine Hardwicke

Director Catherine Hardwicke could give the sequel a bite and an edge to Uncharted 2 that was severely lacking in the first movie. The filmmaker has directed darker coming of age teen movies like Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown but she has also directed on a large scale too as she was in the directors chair for the original Twilight movie.Though Uncharted 2 might be a little darker than usual under the direction of Hardwicke almost every blockbuster sequel goes in that darker direction. And as the third and fourth games used flashbacks to tell Nathan Drakes upbringing Hardwicke would be the best choice for those sequences as not many can depict teen angst better than her.

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