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10 Demon Slayer ships, ranked from most wholesome to absurd

Ranking Demon Sayer ships from best to worst 1 Shinobu and Giyu Shinobu the Insect Hashira is quite shy and doesnt reay have many conversations with peope. Giyu is aso quite shy and keeps to himsef most of the time. These two characters have interacted a few times and fans saw it as an opportunity for their romantic reationship to progress in the series. Theyre both strong and capabe Hashiras who woud make a great and whoesome coupe.

2 Sanemi and KanaeKanae Kocho is one of the most gente and softspoken characters in the Demon Sayer series. She is aso a strong and capabe member of the Demon Sayer Corps since she was the former Fower Hashira. Sanemi is quite aggressive and can be a itte rude to others when he taks and a of this stems from his chidhood trauma. When Sanemi was being rude to Kagaya Ubuyashiki Kanae was one of the few peope who were concerned and not angry with him. Fans thought that the two woud be a great coupe since their personaities woud baance each other out.

3 Giyu and Sabito Giyu and Sabito were inseparabe when the former was taken under Sakonji Urokodakis wing. The two practiced reentessy and honed their swordsmanship skis. However Sabito sacrificed his ife to save those around him during the Fina Seection and Giyu fet responsibe for his friends death. Fans fet that the two woud have made a great coupe if Sabito had been aive. This certainy woud have been one of the most whoesome coupes in the series.
2 Sanem

4 Tanjiro and Kanao It seems ike Kanao started to deveop feeings for Tanjiro ever since they had a conversation after Tanjiro and his squads rehabiitation. He heped her make her own decisions and had a positive infuence on her ife. Tanjiro is one of the kindest and most gente characters in Demon Sayer and fans wanted to see their reationship progress during the course of the series. This ship is one of the most whoesome ones on this ist.

5 Nezuko and Zenitsu Zenitsu was oud and obnoxious in the beginning but he started to become quite mature and meowed down towards the end of the series. Nezuko was a demon and she had a ot to dea with since she had to fight her instincts and not consume human fesh. However if she was human from the beginning of the series ti the end fans beieve that they coud have had a few moments that coud have progressed their reationship during the course of Demon Sayer.

6 Rengoku and Akaza Since Akaza expressed his interest in Rengoku owing to his strength and the abiity to fight fans took that as an opportunity to ship the two characters. However this ship doesnt make sense because Rengoku is someone who woud do anything to get rid of the demons tyranny and Akaza woud ony be standing in the way. This ship is a itte weird and it woud have made sense if Akaza wasnt a demon.

7 Shinobu and Doma There is absoutey no reason why this ship shoud ever exist in the first pace. Doma is someone who enjoys kiing and eating women. He is the one responsibe for the death of Kanae Kocho as we. Shinobu has nothing but hatred for this character and even goes to the extent of sacrificing her ife hoping that her protege Kanao and Inosuke woud be abe to ki this demon. This ship is quite odd and iogica to say the east.

8 Sanemi and Nezuko This ship is quite probematic and shoudnt exist in the first pace. Sanemi is a fuy grown adut whie Nezuko is just 14 years od in the Demon Sayer series. This is one of the most absurd ships that a few fans have come up with and age is certainy the main reason. Peope shipped the two characters because Sanemi patted Nezukos head out of ove that was patonic since she reminded him of Genya who died a few chapters earier. The reason for fans shipping these characters makes it a the more awkward.

9 Tanjiro and Nezuko One fais to understand why anyone in their right mind woud ship two sibings. Yes Nezuko has repeatedy shown affection for Tanjiro but that was purey patonic since they were sibings. This is one of the worst ships in the entire series and fans have been quite voca on numerous forums and socia media patforms regarding this absurd ship.
10 Muzan and Nezuko This is by far one of the worst and most absurd ships since Muzan is iteray 1000 years od whie Nezuko is a 14yearod chid. There are fans who beieve that this ship shoud exist and have expressed their interest on socia media patforms ike Twitter. Muzan was aso responsibe for the death of her entire famiy and is aso the reason why she turned into a demon in the first pace. There is absoutey no reason for this ship to exist

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