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10 Best Shows Like Anatomy Of A Scandal

From Liar Unbelievable and Big Little Lies to The Undoing 13 Reasons Why and more discover the best TV shows to watch with Anatomy of a Scandal.
Trigger Warning This article will mention suicide and sexual assault. Written by celebrated TV scribe David E. Kelley Netflixs new miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal takes a granular look at a sexual assault gone public and the various ways those involved try to navigate the crime. The more the scandal is exposed the more endangered the privileged lives of the affluent Europeans implicated become leading to a fascinating look at the way the legal system works in the UK. With the rise of the Me Too and Times Up movements in recent years Anatomy of a Scandal joins an important crop of TV shows that deal with sexual abuse in honest respectful and sympathetic ways that call for societal change to end such odious transgressions.

Big Little Lies – Stream On HBO MaxAlso adapted by David E. Kelley Big Little Lies revolves around the toxic marriage between Celeste Nicole Kidman in one of her most memorable roles and Perry Alexander Skarsgard a seemingly perfect California couple. When their sexual kinks devolve into physical abuse at the hand of Perry Celeste confides in her close friends to confront the problem which leads to devastating consequences for their family. Nicole Kidman delivers a great performance as a woman who feels stuck in an escapable spot feels she lacks the agency to foster change and worse yet tends to blame herself at times for Perrys abuse. Thankfully her friends help her heal rediscover her strength and prove she was never at fault to begin with.

13 Reasons Why – Stream On Netflix While the topic of sexual abuse is touched upon in season 1 of Netflixs hit teen drama 13 Reasons Why season 2 explored the subject much more soberingly. A young serial abuser named Bryce Justin Prentice is the sore subject of the season with a focus on how the young women he defiled are left to deal with the unthinkable pain sense of shame guilt and the exasperation of waiting for criminal consequences. 13 Reasons Why deals with the difficult subject matter and tries to discuss a host of timely and topical issues facing schoolkids today but these lessons are delivered with pathos compassion sympathy and allow youngsters to feel seen and heard when it comes to teenage trauma.
Unbelievable – Stream On Netflix Based on true events Unbelievable finds a young woman named Marie Adler Kaitlyn Dever completely ignored and disbelieved by the authorities when she accuses a man of raping her. Worse Marie is arrested and charged with lying to police prompting a pair of female detectives to find the truth.Difficult but ultimately redemptive the show rebukes the way womens testimony is often disregarded swept under the rugand turned against them keeping men in legal positions of abusive power. It also celebrates the bonds of womanhood the value of women in authoritative positions the detectives and the triumph of the human spirit in overcoming tragedy.

I May Destroy You – Stream On HBO MaxThe subject of sexual consent takes center stage in Michaela Coels HBO MAX original series I May Destroy You asking hard but necessary questions about what it means to date in the 21st-century. The notion of online dating apps social media profiles versus genuine personas and a range of sexual identity issues are all explored.Coel stars as Arabella a novelist with a big Twitter following who gradually comes to terms with a hazy evening in which she slowly remembers ended in a violation of her body. Grappling with the event as she retraces the details Arabella begins to slowly heal and find solace in support groups ultimately confronting her fears to forge ahead.

Rectify – Stream On FuboRectify follows Daniel Holden Aden Young a man who spent 19 years in jail after being falsely accused of rape and murder as an 18-year-old. While in jail Daniel witnesses systemic rape perpetrated by fellow inmates while losing his innocence in the process. As Daniel begins to sympathize with the 19-year-old girl who he was accused of killing he gets a reprieve when the DNA found in the case exonerates him from Death Row. Left to pick up the pieces of his unfairly ruined life Rectify is a moving redemption tale that proves second chances are possible for good people accused of bad things.

The Undoing – Stream On HBO Max Arguably one of David E. Kelleys best shows The Undoing takes the same basic structure of Anatomy of a Scandal and applies it to a whodunit murder mystery wrapped up in lewd sexual indiscretions infidelity and flagrant abuse. When New York therapist Grace Nicole Kidman is questioned about the murder of a woman she shared a kiss with all signs point to her suddenly vanished husband Jonathan Hugh Grant. More of a granular look at the aftermath of the crime than the crime itself the show has all of Kelleys storytelling sensibilities on display putting a strong female protagonist at the center of the story who not only uncovers and publishes her husbands sexual deviance but protects her young son in the process.

Liar – Stream On AMC+ For another British drama about the public fallout of sexual abuse tune into the stellar BBC drama Liar. The story concerns Laura Joanne Froggatt a schoolteacher who accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Ioan Gruffudd of violating her body against her will. As the title suggests the way the public takes sides in the case based on what they feel is false testimony calls into question the entire legal system the gravity of sexual abuse the role of gossip and he-said-she-said politicking and the public backlash the crime causes. Important unpredictable and more realistic than its American counterparts Liar is a must-see for those who find value in Anatomy of a Scandal.

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