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1 Game Element Can Make Netflix’s Resident Evil Better Than The Movies

Though described as a reinvention of the source material there is one game element that can make Netflixs Resident Evil better than the movies If Netflixs Resident Evil show were to adapt one major game element it could end up better than the liveaction movie adaptations The first liveaction TV adaptation of Capcoms survival horror games hails from Supernatural alum Andrew Dabb and Constantin Film the studio behind the Milla Jovovich films and recent movie reboot Ella Balinska leads the cast of Resident Evil alongside Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker Turlough Convery Droxzyfps Connor Gosatti Lea Vivier Paola Nuñez Tamara Smart Siena Agudong and Adeline Rudolph.

The Resident Evil show is set across two timelines beginning in 2022 and centering on teenage halftwins Jade and Billie as they move to New Raccoon City with their dad Albert Wesker The two slowly begin to learn of Weskers dark experiments being conducted beneath the idyllic rebuilt town and of his sinister past with the Umbrella Corporation The 2036 Resident Evil timeline will center on an older Jade as shes haunted by her past while fighting to survive in a postapocalyptic world destroyed again by Umbrellas Tvirus.

The various Resident Evil adaptations have seen a wide array of reactions from fans of the franchise with many cautiously optimistic that Netflixs show can be better than the movies that have come before While some appreciated the brainless thrills of Jovovichs movies others better enjoyed the more faithful story of last years movie reboot Still neither one has quite nailed the vision that most longtime players of the video games have for liveaction adaptations Though the upcoming show is set in the canon of the source material there is one key game element that could make Netflixs Resident Evil better than the movies its puzzles.

With the recent film adhering to the story of the first two games Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City saw a step toward adapting some of the iconic puzzles for the screen namely with Tom Hoppers Wesker playing Moonlight Sonata in the Spencer Mansion to open a secret passage The Jovovichled films however largely strayed away from this iconic game element even drifting away from the survival horror element somewhat shown in the first movie and turning toward largely convoluted and actionheavy storytelling Though part of the enjoyment of solving Resident Evil puzzles is a player being the one to figure out the solution there is recent precedent for how Netflixs show could adapt this game element in an entertaining fashion.

The recent Escape Room movies and their puzzle challenges are strong proof of how Netflixs Resident Evil could bring its own puzzles to life and therefore be better than the film adaptations Much like a video game the nature of an escape room is to allow players to be the ones to solve the various puzzles presented to them With the Escape Room movies earning praise for their elaborate puzzles the writers of Netflixs show could take a page from Escape Rooms books to finally deliver some of the puzzles that helped people fall in love with Capcoms games.

It would also better fit the world of Netflixs Resident Evil show to adapt the puzzle game element over the movies given showrunner Andrew Dabb has confirmed the show exists in the canon of the games This could not only set up the Wesker twins to learn of their fathers secrets via puzzles to hidden passages around New Raccoon City but could also lead to the puzzles of the more recent Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Village which Dabb has said could be explored in future seasons Audiences will see if Netflix has learned the lessons of the movies when Resident Evil premieres on July 14.

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